The drone market is booming these days and after publishing the smartphone gimbal DJI OSMO Mobile a few days ago, DJI now presents the new Mavic Pro. Being a foldable drone, the new model is clearly competing against the GoPro Karma. 4K video is already a standard today but DJI promises very smooth footage due to a state-of-the-art gimbal system. Using gestures you will be able to take selfies and with the DJI Goggles on you can even experience a bird-like flight above your city.

Speed: 40mph (64kmh)
Battery life: 27 minutes
Distance: 4.35 miles (7km)

Release date: 15 October 2016

UPDATE: There was a lot of discussion about the bad image quality of the drone due to the first reviews on YouTube. Please note that this was due to not using the focus function correctly! We embedded two more videos of users using the focus function correctly to make sure you get the right impression.

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